Project Spacebound Essay

The meteors usually do not cause significant damage, although September 11, 2079 a strike significantly changes the way the impacts are viewed. A meteorite which strikes the cities of Padua and Verona causes significant damage as if they were “wiped from the face of the earth” (Clarke 2). Humanity was not previously prepared for a strike this significant as previous strikes usually struck uninhabited lands. The meteor is described as a fireball brighter than the sun and impact causing hearing damage to more than a million people. By the end of the 21st century, there were no areas which could be used for protection from the meteors. Cities described such as Moscow had narrowly escape being significantly damaged by meteorites 

The disaster which claimed many lives would also unify the people of the world in a way not previously seen. Many began to realize the possibility of this happening again whether it would be centuries or within a couple days. The damage was comparable to a great war as not only countless lives were claimed but also history, art, and scientific discoveries. Humanity wanted to find a way to prevent such a meteorite from striking earth and fifty years later Project Spacebound began to prevent such a catastrophe. Project Spacebound took ideas from failed tools used to destroy weapons over the past hundred years. Tools which could be used for a better purpose and on a bigger scale.

Humanity is attempting to find a solution after such a disaster and it would take a long for humanity to find a solution. As previously noted with the strike in Russia during the 20th century, humanity did not have the resources and did not have the proper solution for such strikes. These previous strikes also did not cause significant enough damage for many people to be concerned although concern would grow, the closer the strikes would get to significant areas. Many wondered after the strike to Padua and Verona how could the strikes could be prevented which caused a significant unity never seen in many years. The world a hundred years prior to project Starbound is described as “a poorer world, with far feebler resources” proving how time has evolved since those strikes and how humanity could not be prepared for the strike which decimated Padua and Verona for humanity had never seen anything like it before (Clarke 2). Project Spacebound proved to be useful even in ways its designers would not expect.

The world of Rendezvous with Rama demonstrates how important the advancement of technology is to the survival of the world. Project Spacebound is the most significant advancement in the beginning of the story and is used to prevent catastrophes such as the destruction of Padua and Verona, a problem humanity realizes it must fix although the solution takes some time to find. Humanity realizes through the disaster they must unify which is something that does not usually happen and many realize may not happen again for a very long time.